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10/10 with David Dressler

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Wisdom from David Dressler, Founder of Quiet Advisory

Welcome to the OfiOfo 10/10 series, where we engage with trailblazing leaders from various fields who are redefining leadership.

We delve into their top 10 things they are looking for in a leader and the 10 things they are working on as leaders themselves. We asked them to keep these snapshots brief – rapid, accessible, and endlessly inspiring. If you’re looking for leadership development inspiration make sure to subscribe to our Leaders Are Built Substack to get every part of the series delivered straight to your inbox. Enjoy.

10/10 with Quiet Advisory’s David Dressler

David Dressler is the Founder of Quiet Advisory where he helps his clients holistically develop leadership skills at all organizational levels, protect and expand heart-centered company culture, align to drive impact and build systems for scale. Before launching he co-founded and scaled Tender Greens, a LA-based purpose-driven fast-casual restaurant group he grew from inception to 30 restaurants and $100 million in revenue. David personally brought mindfulness, intentionality and EQ into the workplace creating an environment that was not only aligned, adaptive and successful but also kind, expressive and full of joy. When we need heart-centered advice from a leader, there’s no better place to turn than David.

10 things I look for in a leader 

  1. Emotional smarts, a loving soul
  2. Compassion for self and others
  3. Duty and loyalty to the team
  4. Charisma and humor 
  5. Equal parts teacher and student  
  6. Stick-to-it-iveness 
  7. A strong focus on quality and getting it right (not necessarily perfect)
  8. Humility without modesty
  9. Honesty with self and others, candor
  10. Financial acumen

10 things I’m working on as a leader

  1. Trusting my gut
  2. Speaking my truth
  3. Finding the good
  4. Not taking it too seriously 
  5. Doing three important things every day
  6. Feeling and expressing deep gratitude
  7. Bringing light and fun
  8. Avoiding perfection
  9. Loving the process
  10. Nurturing the soul


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